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Recorded in person in Long Island, New York on August 28, 2021.  All the tiers of uncovering the Truth on a global scale are descaled in this pertinent talk.

You’re Worried. Family problems. Money problems. Health Problems. Emotional problems. Spiritual problems. Often, these problems are emergency crises and can shock you.

That’s because you do not have the proper understanding and tools to react calmly.

We, at Sufi Sanctuary introduce to you Emergency Spiritual Medicine and Emergency Alternative Medicine to properly combat shock and crisis.

A Live Video Session on the Trials during the time of the Prophet Moses (peace be upon  him) being repeated now.

Find answers, and discover new ways to keep healthy – mentally and physically. This section will be regularly updated, so you’ll always find the latest information here.

Introduction and background to the science of Tafsir.

Weekly tafsir dars with Sayyida Shaykha Asra Bukhari


Caving in for Covid – Tafsir lessons from Ramadan 2020

Shaykha Asra Adiba

In this book you will find causes and cures to common mental and physical ailment that are plaguing society.

It addresses the reader at an individual and at a societal level. For example, it brings forward some natural potential cures for cancer. At the same time, it explains why a lot of people in our culture today can not eat dairy.